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Where is Disney World?

Where is Disney World Located


Most people know that Disney World, the “happiest place on Earth,” is a world-class attraction in the US, but where is Disney World located? I still get that question.Where is Disney World? Disney World is located in the heart of central Florida, which was chosen for its perfect 83 degree weather and clear skies year-round (we can dream can’t we). Aside from “perfect” weather, central Florida offers Disney World visitors access to beaches on both the East and West coasts, making it an ideal location for vacationers. Most people will associate Disney World with Orlando, but in reality the park is situated on the far western side of the metro area in a city called Lake Buena Vista, which has easy access to the I-4, I-75 and the Florida Turnpike. Walt Disney himself chose this location for its accessibility and vacation potential.

Once you’ve asked the question “where is Disney World,” the next question to ask is “where do I stay on a Disney World vacation?” There are numerous options to choose from, including both on-site and off-site locations. On-site locations are owned by DIsney, and there are numerous options from simple rooms to fully themed villas. Disney hotels are notoriously expensive, and while they can be charming with little Mickey Mouse touches around every corner, they are not ideal for families on a budget, or for larger parties that might try to squish into a single cramped room, uncomfortable.

So where is Disney World’s best option for budget-minded travelers? The best options are off-site vacation rentals, and many fabulous properties exist in Lake Buena Vista’s neighboring cities of Kissimmee, Clermont and Davenport, Florida. These vacation homes can offer comfort and value to a family vacation. With 4-5 bedrooms, a full kitchen and private pools, these homes end up being a much more ideal accommodation than a resort hotel and offer all the comforts of home. Having 4-5 bedrooms allows for the kids to have their own bedrooms separate from the parents, offering peace and privacy. Vacation homes this large can also offer space for multiple families to travel together for an even greater value, sharing the costs of the rental home. Imagine bringing along your entire extended family on your next trip and still having ample room for everyone to fully enjoy themselves.

Vacation homes can offer additional cost-savings with the use of their large, fully-equipped kitchens. Just think of how much money you can save cooking meals at home, or preparing snacks to take into the park instead of paying Disney prices.

Every vacation home also comes with its own private pool, no sharing with hundreds of other hotel guests. Let your family relax in leisure, or enjoy some adult time as the kids nap, something you certainly cannot do at a hotel pool.

Allow yourself to experience a Florida vacation with all the amenities for a price you can afford and the comforts you’re used to at home instead of squishing into a tiny, cramped room for more money and more headaches. To enjoy all the comforts of home while on vacation in central Florida, where Disney World is located, contact Victor Nawrocki at www.victorsvillas.com and start planning your next vacation today

Vacation Rentals 2014 Best Buy

Want to plan a Disney World vacation, but costs are prohibitive, keeping you from finally visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth” with your family? With just a few simple tricks and tips you can find savings at Disney World and make your family’s dreams turn into the vacation of a lifetime.

The biggest expense of any trip is accommodations. According to a recent article on Yahoo! Finance seen here at YAHOO 2014 Best Buy: Vacation Rentals hotel rooms are not an effective way to spend your travel dollars in 2014. At Disney World this is even more true. Hotel rooms at Disney are EXPENSIVE, even the simple ones. While it might be worth it to spend one magical night at the Grand Floridian living like a celebrity, many other hotels on the property are about as magical but with a much bigger price tag. If you’re looking to save money, consider staying in a local vacation home in the Orlando area. These properties offer all the amenities of home with a much lower price tag than resort hotels, plus for larger parties most vacation homes have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and can be shared with more than one family that may be traveling together.

Think of all the money you can save not only on the price of the vacation rental itself, but on being able to stay somewhere like home, with a kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the family can be expensive when you have to eat out, especially in or near the Disney resort. In a vacation rental, you can cook your own meals and pack your own snacks for later in the day, saving tons of money over park prices, which are notoriously high.

Florida gets hot, and you’re going to want some water while you’re walking around the park in the sun. Think you’ll just grab a bottle from your hotel’s mini-bar or at the park? Great, if you want to spend that much. You could buy a cases of water for the price of that one little bottle in your hotel room. In your vacation rental you can store cases of water bottles in the freezer and take them into the park with you. They’ll stay cold all day long and you’ll save money by not paying Disney prices for the exact same thing.

Now aside from saving money, vacation properties can offer you additional amenities that resort hotels cannot. How about a private pool in your own backyard instead of the community hotel pool that is constantly overcrowded? Or the fact that not every day needs to be a park day when you stay off-property. Yes you want to visit every inch of Disney, but Orlando has other wonderful theme parks as well as natural areas to enjoy. Staying in a vacation rental in Orlando allows you the freedom to explore and not feel obligated to stay in the parks every single day. Victor Nawrocki, top Realtor specializing in vacation rentals near Disney World, is an expert on choosing the right rental for your vacation. He understands the needs of a family looking to save money, but also wanting to enjoy their time off. Victor says, “The real reason vacation rentals catch on is because they are better for everyone. Kids get their own bedroom, parents get privacy. And because there is space for everyone, not a crammed little hotel room, the parents get a real vacation and much needed rest. Isn’t that one of the reasons you vacation?” True statement. Victor also understands the Orlando area and will give you even more tips to optimize your money saving Disney visit.

To find out more about optimum vacation rentals near Disney World in Orlando, Florida, check out Victor’s website www.victorsvillas.com and contact Victor today.

Full Size Western Room

Vacation Home rental Orlando

Orlando Premium Outlets

Youtube VideoThe Orlando Premium Outlets are a great way to start your vacation to Disney and Orlando.
Orlando Premium Outlets
8200 Vineland Avenue
Orlando, FL 32821

(407) 238-7787

From I-4 Westbound:
Exit 68 (Rte. 535). Left at light onto Route 535, left at next light onto Vineland Avenue at Little Lake Bryan; proceed 1 mile.
From I-4 Eastbound:
Exit 68 (old 27). Proceed straight across light at end of ramp onto Vineland Avenue; continue 1 mile.
Heading South on International Drive, past SeaWorld right at light into Vineland Village (Vineland Avenue

Orlando Premium Outlets – International Dr (over 180 stores)
4951 International Drive

Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 352-9600

From Disney World & West: Take I-4 East to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left. The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

From Downtown Orlando: Take I-4 West (Towards Tampa) to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left. The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

From Orlando International Airport (MCO): Take 528 West to FL Turnpike North to I-4 West to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left. The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

From Tampa: Take I-4 East to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left. The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

From Sanford Airport: Take State Highway 417 South to 408 West to I-4 West to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left.The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

From Daytona Beach: Take I-4 West to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left. The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

From Cape Canaveral: Take 528 West to FL Turnpike North to I-4 West to the 75A – Universal exit. Follow to International Drive and turn left. The center is located at the North End of International Drive.

Why and How of Fast Pass @ Disney World

You are already saving with a Disney vacation rental now save time by using FAST PASS at Disney World

What is Fast Pass? Answered < video  Fast Pass allows you to check-in at a ride, see the time you can return, go an enjoy the park and return to go into a much shorter line.

Why wait 2 hours or more in a line!  You can get obtain one Fast Pass every 2 hours.

Labeling of Switches

A simple touch that adds to the conveninece of your trip
Labeled Switches

When I first started renting I immedia

tly made sure all the light and fan switches were labeled in the home.  I always found it bothersome when traveling that I would get familiar with the light switches only on the last day.  Switches are just like your own house where you have to have one on and one off . Its important to leave confusion at home.  Also, if you a flicking the wrong switch, that’s a little annoying. Labels solve a lot!  It’s just a little addition to the home but when you got to check on kids at night and turn off the fan…you don’t want to turn on a light.


Minutes away from Walt Disney World


Our spacious Orlando vacation rental homes are minutes away from Disney World. These homes are perfect for one or two families to relax and enjoy quality time together. Your villa is decorated in bed and breakfast style with the privacy of your own home. Lasting memories at an affordable family price.

Each villa is equipped with two master suites with attached baths. They offer both privacy and comfort for your loved ones, including a secluded backyard with a large patio, table, and lounge chairs. Contact owner Victor Nawrocki for more information about your perfect Orlando vacation home rental getaway.

Location! Location! Location! Your vacation villa is just one exit away from the main gate of Disney World. Sea World and Universal Studios are also within minutes of your pampered abode.

For less than the price of a small hotel room, you and your family can enjoy a luxury home that comfortably sleeps 8 to 10 people. A fully equipped kitchen with new appliances and a high capacity washer and dryer are yours to enjoy.

An array of charming Disney-themed accents is available for you to choose including: The Dalmatian Spot, The Space Center Villa or the Penguin Retreat. Your children will never forget the moment they walked into their Disney dream room tailored just for them.

Indoor activities include a fun game room with air hockey, small billiards, foosball and even a charming Tiki Bar your kids will love. Large screen LCD TV’s are also available.

The conservation views from your backyard offer you peaceful solitude for enjoying nature and not your neighbors.  Your villa is designed for the enjoyment of your family alone. Create your own Disney adventure and enjoy the serenity! Contact owner Victor Nawrocki to reserve a spot for your family today!

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